Visit to Ooty from Bangalore in two days!!!

Visit to Ooty from Bangalore in two days

Everyone has a time constraint where we have only weekends. If you are a really furstrated IT Guy and planning for a trip to ooty . You are at the right place.

Today I am going to tell you How to visit ooty from bangalore in two days.

Here is the planning trip for you

Points to remember

* Make sure you already have a room booked either in ooty, coonoor, gudalur or masnagudi
* Make sure you take a bike or car or a small van- (Big buses are not suitable in ghat roads and blocked away from the city by police)
* Always carry a umberlla, Wollen jackets/ Leather Jackets- Safe to be in there.
* If you have made online booking please call and confirm your room bookings and record the voice clip for your saftey.
* Always have a mobile phone with internet connection and at the bottom i will list the emergency numbers. * Always have a spare tyre. Insurance- Rc book – Pollution certificate (Most of the KA, KL) Vehicle do not have pollution certificate So from here we will start the planning trip.

There are 3 routes available

1. Bangalore-Housr- Salem- Mettupalayam- Ooty
2. Bangalore- Yeshwantpur-chamrajnagar-sathi-mettupalayam-ooty (From Thalavadi to Bannari route closed from 6pm to 6am)
3. Bangalore-Mysore-Gundalpet-Gudalur-ooty (From Bandipur- Mudhumali route closed from 6pm to 6 am)

I would say that always choose the 3rd option so that you enter in ooty soon.

The First Day

After Gundalpet. Wow look at the sides how deers are grazing at banipur. Here take some snapshot. dont spend more than 30 min over here. Here Comes Mudumali. Can you spot any elephants or tigers. then spend another 30 min over here. Now comes the mayar. There is nothing special only a river is there to take some chill pics. just spend around 20 mins there. Now again the long jounery starts. Just on way to ooty from gudalur.
There are some nice places to visit
1. Sucide Point
2. OOSI Malai
3. Artificial parks(Man made parks)
Now after a long 2 hour journey you will reach ooty.

Yeah we are tired too with those un-maintained roads. Take some rest here and have a cup of tea with clouds drizzling over your face.
You can always buy tea from from anywhere in India. Here comes the confusion what is the first place to visit. After reaching ooty via gudalur Visit Boat house at very first spend around 1 to 2 hour over here. Then move to the nearest thunderworld theme park. Spend around 1 hour over here. Then move to rose garden ooty.

Spend around 1 hour over here. Then move to Doddabetta at 2pm. You can spend hardly 2 hours over here. Finally move to Botanical garden and have a relax time around 3 hours till night. All these places details are available here at the other blog.

The second Day

Morning around 9 or 10 Am Move to newly opened Karnataka Park at fernhill. It will be similar to botanical garden. Spend around only two hours over here. Then it is time to start a 30 min journey to coonoor.
Places in coonoor are described over here Visit Simis park – Spend 1 hour. 30 min travel from sims park – Visit Dolphin Nose – Spend 1 hour. 15 min travel from Dolphin Nose Visit Lamps Rock – Spend 1 hour.

Hurray!!! Back to Bangalore Share this article with you friends too…

Visit to Ooty from Bangalore in two days!!!
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