Things to do Before Planning HoneyMoon in Ooty.

Honey Moon TO OOty

From Past years till date. If its HoneyMoon people are attracted towards ooty. Whats special in it?
Here we are there to list things that you will need during your honey moon.

Since from the past times ooty is known for its weather where it goes till -4 deg during winter.

There are three seasons in india which applies to ooty also that is
summer(Mid Fed – Mid June)
winter(Mid Nov – Mid Feb)
rainy(Mid June – Mid Nov)
You Should take this seasons seriously .

If you are coming at summer you are gifted to enjoy the climate upto only 91 to 21 degrees which is very hot for the localites. And also ensure to deal with the traffic caused.

And If you choose winter again you are gifted to see mild snowfall around ooty at morning. All couples can enjoy this climate.

Don’t ever think to choose rainy time because you wont get anything in and around any place. And you have to suffer a lot.

The Type of vehicle you choose.

Since its a hill station with ups and downs . You should be very careful in choosing your travel mode vehicle.
Better choose cars with good condition.
If you are nearby you can choose bike mode to travel.
Since you come for a honey moon its better to have a car/taxi.

Things need to pack before you leave from home.

i) Sweaters or Jackets
ii) Hand Gloves
iii) Caps
iv) Umbrellas.

Things to do when you plan

i) Book your home stay at ooty or coonoor or gudalur
My opinion is if you are from bangalor or kerala book in ooty or gudalur or masanagudi(Beware of fraud)
If you are form any part of tamilnadu you can book in ooty or coonoor (Beware of fraud)

ii) Don’t take any local gudies with you. You can ask and go anywhere. Its not big algebra.

iii) Make sure you have hotels nearby.

iv) Service your vehicle before leaving

v) If your are having drum brakes in your vehicle ask the service person to double check it.

vi) Dont drive rashly in a joy. Each nook and corner is danger awaiting you.
You can refer here for place to visit in ooty

You can refer here for place to visit in Coonoor.
vii) Take some head ache tables/ Fever tablets / Anti- Vomit tablets with you.
That’s it now you are ready to move.
Hurray!!!. Happy Honey Moon……………..

Things to do Before Planning HoneyMoon in Ooty.
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