Ooty White tea bag


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White tea

Ooty White tea may refer to one of tea which generally feature young or minimally processed leaves of the tea plant.

White tea and international agreement some of them use the word to differentiate to tea that is merely dried with no additional processing.

Some of ooty tea made from the buds and immature tea leaves are picked shortly before the buds have fully opened and allowed to super dry and dry in natural sun.

While some others include ooty tea tea with buds and other young leaves which have been steamed or fired before drying.

Most of them agree, that ooty white tea is not rolled or oxidized, resulting in a flavour is said to be as “lighter” than green or traditional black teas.

In spite of its name, brewed white tea is pale yellow. Its name derives from the fine silvery-white hairs on the unopened buds of the ooty tea plant, which give the plant a white color The buds are used for some types of white tea.


Nutritious benefits of Ooty white tea or Nilgiri white tea or White tea can have a reduced risk of cancer, improvement in oral health. It has anti-aging properties this will help in maintaining good health and wrinkle-free skin. Ooty white tea or Nilgiri white tea or White tea protects the skin and effects of UV rays can be reduced. With its antibacterial properties, Ooty white tea or Nilgiri white tea or White tea fights and protects the body from many infection-causing bacteria.

Ooty White tea bag
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