Masala Tea

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Masala tea is a flavoured tea beverage made by black tea with a ingreadiants of spices and herbs. Starting in the Indian continent the ooty Masala tea has gained world popularity, It has been a feature in many coffee and tea houses. It is from the olden days prepared as a decoction of green cardamom pods, ground cloves, ginger, and black pepper together with black tea leaves, ooty Masala tea bags for infusion, instant powdered mixtures, and concentrates. Ooty Masala tea refers to the chai tea.

Here is the Ooty Masala Tea for you. Chosen from Ooty Masala items and grinded fine and blended with tea to make all fine Ooty Masala Tea.

A ‘Ooty Masala Tea’ is a mix of different spices having special Ayurvedic properties, to add a unique flavour to Chai tea.

What Benefits ‘Masala tea’ Offers?

* Relieves Pain and Inflammation
* Beat The Fatigue
* Improves digestion
* Helps in Weight Loss
* Controls Diabetes

Masala Tea

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